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  Welcome to Willowbend Farm, Inc.

2017 Workshops

2017 Workshops will begin here at the barn in April.  We are off to South Carolina in March to share Herd 2 Human with veterans and meet with Lander University about training Herd 2 Human instructors and creating a local progam for their school. 

Watch our Facebook (Herd 2 Human) for 2017 events with the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center, veterans and other groups.

If you know of others who need help, please let them know about Herd 2 Human.  

Funding is often the only thing that stops individuals from enrolling in the program.  If you know anyone capable and interested in helping students with scholarships or funding enrolment, please ask them to contact us. 

2016 Workshops

2016 was an amazing year for us working with individuals, families and goups like; male veterans; female veterans; females recovering from interpersonal violence, Native American Historical Trauma and their Renewing the Warrior program, and groups dealing with long time domestic trauma, anger management, depression and questions of suicide.  I want to thank each student for their courage and for allowing us to help them complete the Herd 2 Human course.  And, I want to thank Coe Dolven, LPC for her genuiune caring and professional assistance with the students, and The Learnng Center at Red Willow for allowing Herd 2 Human to be part of their EAP program.

Slide show by:  Keri Petrilli Photography

                          Florence, MT

Click below to watch slideshow

April 26, 2016 - From Herd 2 Human EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) 

Regaining the Warrior  with the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center

This last weekend we had an amazing event at the barn.  I was honored to be asked to present Herd 2 Human to the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center’s Regaining the Warrior program.  The program was a 3 day event for Native American men from several different tribes.  It was an event that focused on healing and individually regaining their cultural ways and what it really means to be a warrior. 

Saturday I was invited to participate in a sweat lodge along the river by the barn.  It was a first for me and an amazing experience to sweat with guys who knew what they were doing and what it really means … the authentic ways of the First People of this land. I think there were 13 of us in that little sweat lodge, sharing our hearts and souls.  I learned a bunch.  Thanks all you guys who invited me, sweated with me and treated me as One.  The challenge to jump in the cold river afterwards was only met by a couple of us however … LOL.

On Sunday we worked in the barn.  I gave my Herd 2 Human presentation, we shared in meditation and intuitive writing, a whole lot of very healing time of expressing and then we worked with horses.  As always, the connection between human and horse was profound.  And again, what an amazing time for me to share and learn from my students and my native brothers as one without separation from color or tribal differences, but just has humans all of One Creation. 


Thank you MUIHC.  A special thanks to Lydia and Abdel for putting it together and of course all those behind the scenes at the MUIHC and Austin Patterson and Rick Heilman for their participation and helping out with horses. And of course, even though this was an all-male event, Darlene, as always, was here to manage meals for all us guys and pick up my slack. I could not do this without her.  Nancy, who in the background, sat graciously supporting the men and representing the value of our female counterparts which was well stated by several of the group.  And, Victoria Grace (featured in the photo below) representing the children of our future learning the value of Oneness.   I also want to thank Bronte and Evan (U of M Journalism students) for being here and the photos. 

Our August Renewing the Warrior event was every bit as awsome as our April event.  We have continued regular sweats and have built wonderful lasting relationships with our native brothers and sisters. 

June 8, 2015 Missoula Urban Indian Health Center Team Building

This was a fun and rewarding workshop.  Below are reviews from participants at the conclusion of the workshop.  (See more photos in Photo Gallery)

Missoula Urban Indian Health Center

Staff Retreat

Willow Bend Farm

June 8, 2015

Facilitators: Jeff & Darlene Patterson

·         10 staff: The following are the evaluations from those who participated in the equine activities. 

·         3 staff left at noon and did not evaluate.

·         3 other staff were on leave  

·         2 students were not able to join us, due to schedule conflicts.

Staff #1

·         Valuable & Meaningful workshop.

·         Would recommend to others

·         Mitakuye Yuha Oyasin > All Our Relations Principle……………THX!

Staff #2

·         The point of view shared was an awesome way to present a healing for many people.

·         I can be more open to helping people in need

·         All humans are created equal

Staff #3

·         Something that would have made today better is if all staff were here.

·         I learned to be more open minded.

·         It was good to have everyone together.

Staff #4

·         I have learnt a lot; Jeff’s presentation has touched me and made me think.  I could say I got something

          out of today.

·         My card seeking directions was meant for me. In so many ways and so many directions I see.

·         We as a team need more of this!!

Staff #5

·         I don’t think anything needs improved.  Everything was exceptional.

·         My favorite part was the meditation.  I took from hear the value of repetition.

·         The impact of fear and how to overcome that fear.

Staff #6

·         Wonderful Start, good exposure very healing.

·         Get more informed with veteran situation and tailor programs to match….odd thought

·         Keep time as flexible as possible

Staff #7

·         Learned a lot

·         Stay connected to horses

·         Longer – more days to process

Staff #8

·         I’ve learned how to connect with my children, more than pushing them into something they do not want

          to do.

·         As for myself, I do need MORE meditation and find my inner self, Learn not to push myself into exhaustion. 

·         More one on one time with teacher

Staff #9

·         LEARNED:  Communication

·         USEFUL:  Cohesiveness

·         IMPROVEMENT:  Less Judgement

Staff #10

·         How I can handle fear in a way that it don’t harm anyone or myself.

·         It’s amazing how you could take off a fearful mask & create a happy situation out of it and make other

          people happy by what you can help them.

·         It’s a very special when you can help someone & yourself.

Past clinics and workshops:

Over the past few years, we have held many clinics and workshops. We would like to recognized them all and all our students, but web space is limited so we will try to keep this page as current as we have space for.