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  Welcome to Willowbend Farm, Inc.

The Enrollment Application for six-week or three-day Herd 2 Human Programs can be downloaded, filled out, and emailed to: or mailed via US Mail to Willowbend Farm, 13400 Turah, Rd Clinton, MT  59825.

Willowbend Farm's 

VA Approved 

Herd 2 Human Instructor School

Herd 2 Human - Curriculum for Certification of Instructors

Tuition for Certification: $10,000.00

$750.00 deposit upon application, GI Bill ®  exempt

Certification School Includes:

  • 6 months to 1 year instruction, starting with 5 days at Willowbend Farm
  • Board and Room during the 5 days at Willowbend Farm
  • Study materials


School is VA approved for GI Bill ® funding.

Scholarships may be available through Horsepower, Inc.


The mission of the Herd 2 Human (H2H) certification course is to teach instructors the skills needed to develop and operate an independent H2H equine practice. The goal of certification is to achieve proficiency in helping individuals improve their quality of life through learning better communication and relationship skills. The H2H program teaches hands-on groundwork techniques with horses using specific philosophies and methods of interspecies communication. Combined with other self-awareness modalities, H2H encourages self-discovery and increased self-value.  


The process of becoming an H2H instructor begins with a passion to connect energetically and spiritually with horses and work with humans experiencing emotional changes. The objective is for each student to learn:         

  1. Herd 2 Human philosophies and methods of interspecies communication with proficiency and develop the ability to conduct H2H classes.
  2. Skills of self-discovery, meditation, intuitive writing, and deductive observation of horse and human interaction. If  not already teaching these         practices, the H2H instructor will learn how to guide others in these practices.
  3. Horse behavior and the effects of human interaction with the horse.
  4. Horse husbandry, including; general care, health, and nutrition.
  5. Hands-on barn/facility management, including; safety, liabilities, and general responsibilities of the instructor.
  6. How to organize and facilitate individual and group sessions.
  7. How to create, build, and promote an H2H practice.
  8. What the H2H instructor’s role is when working with mental health professionals or other specific groups of professionals.


  • Open to self-discovery, personal change, and new concepts of horsemanship.
  • Committed to helping others with self-discovery through relationships with horses.
  • Experienced with basic horse care and management.
  • Physically capable of handling horses on the ground and in the saddle.
  • Open to working with humans who are experiencing emotional changes.
  • Capable of understanding how much human trauma horses can endure.
  • Spiritually open. NOTE: H2H is not affiliated with any specific religion, nor should it ever be. However, it does require being respectful of all           spiritual practices and includes meditation and other spiritual components.
  • A willingness to share personal life experiences that have expanded your empathy regarding trauma and emotional challenges.


  • Attend and participate as a student in either a H2H six-week (one day each week) or three-day intensive program taught by a master                   teacher.
  • Attend a five days instructor training to include (but not limited to):
    • Philosophies and methodologies of H2H
    • Program, horse, staff, and barn management (including determining the appropriateness of teaching facilities and horses for H2H)
    • Planning six-week (once weekly) and three-day intensive H2H programs
    • Business aspects of H2H
  • Minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of one (1) year of the following:

    • Field work practiced in trainee instructor’s geographic area or community.
    • Teach the complete program following the H2H student workbook to:
    • At least six individual students either a three-day intensive program or a six-week program a minimum of one hour per week. 
    • At least two groups of four to six students a six-week program once per week for a minimum of 2 hours per week.  
    • At least half of your students must be individuals who are not well known to you.  (Suggestion: Obtain referrals from people you know.)
    • Teaching must be done at an H2H-appropriate facility with appropriate horses.
    • Document/record the process of organizing and teaching students.
    • Group sessions must be done with the assistance of another horse professional with preference given to H2H instructors, instructor                 trainees, or qualified student who have been through the program. Assistant must record their work as well.
    • Instructors may work alone (one-on-one) with individual students.  
    • Upon instructor trainee’s confidence in their proficiency, create and provide a video (or equivalent visual media) to a master instructor               showing applicable portions of the instructor trainee’s work. The visual documentation should be done with discretion and not interfere with       nor influence the flow and purpose of the class.
    • Provide copies of all student evaluations for review by a master instructor.
    • Write a minimum of a 500-word essay describing how H2H has changed you, your perspectives, and fulfilled the H2H objectives.
  • Three-day follow-up training:
    • A master instructor will audit instructor trainee’s work over the course of a three-day intensive program with at least four students. The             three-day intensive program may be populated in part by students from the instructor trainee’s field work. Instructors may co-instruct as           they did in field training for the purpose of the audit.  
    • Each instructor trainee will share their process and experiences with the master instructor and participating fellow instructor trainees.


  • Certification will be determined by the combined evaluations of the instructor trainee’s students and by the auditing master instructor.
  • Upon successful completion of the above curriculum, instructor trainees will be certified to conduct their own practice, teaching the H2H                 program to students within the scope of the H2H Student Workbook and other H2H instructional material.


NOTE: Instructor Certification does not qualify instructors to teach other instructors.


  • All certified H2H Instructors will be required to maintain membership in the Association of H2H Instructors.
  • Annual re-certification of H2H instructors requires that all instructors attend either an annual H2H conference or 20 hours of independent               continuing education. To preserve the integrity and continuity of the H2H program, all independent continuing education courses must be pre-       approved by H2H and be relevant to the practices and intent of H2H.

Disclaimer of Promise or Guarantee

To all persons interested in becoming a certified Herd 2 Human instructor

Upon Willowbend Farm, Inc. producing volumes of documents, demonstrating that Willowbend Farm, Inc. and the Herd 2 Human program is legally and legitimately structured and developed, the Montana VA, as well as the VA in Washington DC, approved Willowbend Farm Inc.’s school, based on the evaluation of the school’s master instructor, curriculum, location, teaching methods, and the teaching material of Willowbend Farm, Inc.’s Herd 2 Human Instructor School.

If you have been invited or are interested in enrolling in the Herd 2 Human instructor school, you are offered the opportunity, upon successful completion and certification, to develop your own Herd 2 Human course practice under the supervision of Willowbend Farm, Inc. However, please be advised that Willowbend Farm, Inc. makes no promises or guarantees to any person enrolled or interested in enrolling in the school that the person will successfully complete the VA approved Herd 2 Human Instructor School, nor that the person is promised or guaranteed any particular success in operating their own Herd 2 Human course practice, once certified. Further, successful completion and certification is not guaranteed but will be determined by a number of criteria published in but not limited to the school curriculum.  Certification does not qualify instructors to teach other instructors.